Can you help me, I need a new garden building but I don’t know where to start?

We are available 7 days a week. With our experience and vast knowledge of garden buildings we can discuss your requirements and give you practical advice on how to choose.

Our office is open from 10am until 5pm if you wish to come and see us and look at some of the great examples of our buildings on display.  Alternatively you can message or call us.  If you wish for more specific advice we offer a free no obligation survey where we can assess your needs in situ. Please contact us and we can arrange this for you.

Do I need planning permission or building regulations for a new garden building?

If you live in a rented or leasehold property you will need to seek permission from your freeholder before you install a new building in your garden.  If your home is in a conservation area you will also need to obtain permission and guidelines from your trust.

You do not need planning consent for building regulations from local authorities if you follow planning guidelines.  These include:

  • Your building must not exceed 2.5m in height if your building is within 1m of your boundary.
  • The combined square footage of extensions and garden buildings within your property boundary must not cover over 50% of the original garden.
  • You must not exceed 30sqM with one single roof.  (this is the equivalent to a large double garage).
  • The building must be for recreational use not as a dwelling.

Further information on permissions and controls can be found at

I have an old building in my garden that needs disposing of, can you help me?

We offer the service of dismantling and removing old buildings and can even remove ones which contain Asbestos. Once we have cleared the area for you we can check your old existing base and advise you on its suitability for a new building or what is needed in order to get it ready.

I don’t have a base for my building do I need one?

To get the best life span for any garden building they need a good foundation.  This can be made from concrete, paving slabs, timber in the form of a framework or decking, or plastic grid bases.

Access and ground conditions in your garden may lend itself to one particular method, we can of course advise you of this.

We can extend or overlay existing bases to level or make them the perfect size for your new garden building. We can install new bases made from concrete, paving slabs or decking with wooden or plastic composite posts. Any of these would be the perfect choice for a new building.

Do you just do Garden buildings and bases as I have other work which I need doing too?

We can undertake any form of hard landscaping. Patios, Pathways, Walls, Fencing, Trellis, Decking, even the installation of Raised beds.  If you have related work please ask.

Can you give me a quote for my insurance company?

We can visit your property and assess damage to garden buildings.   Our surveyor will provide you with a written quotation to:


  • Dismantle and remove your old building including debris,
  • Undertake remedial works required to prepare the site for a replacement building
  • Supply deliver and install a like for like building. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.