6ft (1.83m x 1.8m) Decibel Noise Reduction Fence Panel


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The innovative 6ft Decibel Noise Reduction Panel from Forest Garden

Uses clever design to deliver a domestic panel with great looks and effective noise reduction performance.

17mm thick section boards interlock with extended Tongue & Grooves

Mounted in a rebated frame to help prevent gaps from developing across the face of the board that would allow noise to pass through.


This maximises the panels’ performance in reflecting unwanted noise. Triform technology used in the production of the boards on the panel gives each board an angled profile on each side of the panel which helps to further diffuse unwanted noise as sound waves hit multiple faces and break up.


Tests carried out on the panel have shown its ability to reduce noise levels by as much as 30 decibels (dB), he same as reducing the noise from a petrol lawnmower down to the level of normal conversation. This is 8X reduction in the perceived intensity of the noise. In addition to this, the Decibel panel will look great in any garden.


  • Smooth-planed timber is Pressure Treated for a longer life
  • Panels can be mounted with boards running vertically or horizontally


For optimum acoustic performance

Mount to fence posts ensuring there are no gaps.

Use either slotted fence posts (timber or concrete) or by screwing the panel directly to the post.

The use of fence ‘U-brackets’ will leave an undesirable gap.

Mount the panels on gravel boards to increase the height to over 2 metres to achieve even greater effectiveness.


Independently laboratory tested to BS EN ISO 10140-2:2010 in accordance with BS EN 1793-2 and BS EN ISO 717-1, reducing noise between 25dB and 34dB

Pressure Treated timber with 15 year Anti-Rot guarantee

Manufactured from FSC® certified timber

Sold in a minimum pack size of 3 panels

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Forest Garden


Natural Timber

Measurements Metric

1828 x 45 x 1800mm (h) approx

Measurements Imperial

5' 12" x 0' 2" x 5' 11"approx

Estimated Delivery

5-7 Days

Guarantee Length

15 Year Anti-Rot

Installation included


Delivery cost included


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Pack of 3, Pack of 4, Pack of 5

Colour Finish

Natural Timber