ALTON SIX Greenhouse Ultimate Package With Aluminium Bar Capping


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Evolution Six Cedar Greenhouse

The most popular size of all in the greenhouse world is a 6×8 model and this 6’6” wide range gives you a generous extra few inches which make all the difference to this highly practical greenhouse.

When you walk into this Alton Evolution model the first thing that you will notice is the wonderful smell of the Western Red Cedar. It’s this pleasant aroma that pests don’t like and one of the reasons that Cedar is so famous for greenhouse making.

Like all the Alton Evolution models, the Six is packed with practical features that improve the lifespan of the greenhouse – for example all the Roof panes overlap the timber slightly, and the metal base keeps the timber off the damp ground, thus eliminating by design two of the old trouble spots where water would eventually cause the Cedar to rot.

Plus if you choose to upgrade form the standard Cedar Capping to the Aluminium capping then your greenhouse will be almost maintenance free. The Capping system is a strong aluminium capping system which screws into the Cedar frame and clamps the glass into the framework tightly – meaning that very little Cedarwood is actually exposed to the elements. The Moss powdercoated finish blends in perfectly, particularly after the Cedarwood has weathered in to its natural silvery colour.

Automatic roof vents are included as standard and these release warm air out of the top of the greenhouse whist cooler fresh air is sucked in through the louvre side vents – This gives you the perfect ventilation.

* The Ultimate Package includes an upgrade to aluminium bar capping from the standard cedar capping, aluminium shelving and staging in moss green to length, down one side.

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Cedar Wood

Measurements Metric

1987mm x 1346mm to 1987mm x 3866mm, 1987mm x 1346mm, 1987mm x 1977mm, 1987mm x 2606mm, 1987mm x 3236mm, 1987mm x 3866mm

Measurements Imperial

6'6" x 4'5" to 6'6" x 12'9", 6'6" x 4'5", 6'6" x 6'6", 6'6" x 8'6", 6'6" x 10'7", 6'6" x 12'9"

Estimated Delivery

4 weeks

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10 Years

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6'6" x 4'5"- (2.67 m2), 6'6" x 6'6"- (3.93 m2), 6'6" x 8'6"- (5.18 m2), 6'6" x 10'7"- (6.43 m2), 6'6" x 12'9"- (7.68 m2)