HARROW Greenhouse With Wooden Bar Capping


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Discover the Alton Harrow Victorian Greenhouse – Ultimate Package, a superb choice for taking your gardening passion to new heights.

Step into the charm of the Victorian era with the Alton Harrow greenhouse. The building is crafted from robust cedar wood and pre-treated for long-lasting endurance. It stands a bit taller than usual, providing extra room for your beloved plants. Spanning 8 feet in width and available in various lengths, this greenhouse combines functionality with aesthetics. The aluminium components are powder coated in Moss Green colour, which blend well with the natural surroundings. Toughened safety glass is supplied as standard.

The Ultimate Package takes your greenhouse to the next level. It boasts premium features that enhance both style and functionality. Decorative aluminium ridge cresting and finials add a touch of elegance and style, upgraded aluminium bar capping improves durability, and sturdy aluminium shelving and staging offer ample working space for your gardening requirements. All included with your ultimate package!

The Alton Harrow not only offers practicality but also becomes a statement piece in your garden with its Victorian design. This greenhouse is the perfect environment to cultivate your own plants, fruits and vegetables, and its quality craftsmanship ensures it will stand the test of time.

Crafted by us, right here in Britain, it’s a testament to both tradition and innovation.

A: Base Width 2650 mm (8ft8)
B: Length 1956 mm (6ft5) to 3846mm (12ft7)
C: Eaves Height 1708 mm (5ft7)
D: Ridge Height 3070 mm (10ft0)
E: Door Width 743 mm (2ft5)
F: Door height 2012 mm (6ft7)

Aluminium Bar Capping in Moss Green
Toughened glass
Free 10 Year Guarantee
1 x roof vent (automatic opening)
1 x Louvre vent
Downpipes both sides
High eaves
Cresting and finials included
Staging and shelving included
Hinged single door
Extremely strong Cedar framework
Installation available for a fee

* The Ultimate Package includes an upgrade to aluminium bar capping from the standard cedar capping, aluminium shelving and staging in moss green to length, down one side.

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Cedar Wood

Measurements Metric

2650mm x 1956mm to 2650mm x 6347mm, 2650mm x 1956mm, 2650mm x 2586mm, 2650mm x 3216mm, 2650mm x 3846mm, 2650mm x 4476mm, 2650mm x 5087mm, 2650mm x 5736mm, 2650mm x 6347mm, 2650mm x 2520mm

Measurements Imperial

8'8" x 6'5" to 8'8" x 20'10", 8'8" x 6'5", 8'8" x 8'5", 8'8" x 10'6", 8'8" x 12'7", 8'8" x 14ft, 8'8" x 16'8", 8'8" x 18ft, 8'8" x 20'10", 8'8" x Ex TENSION 8'3"

Estimated Delivery

4 weeks

Guarantee Length

10 Years

Installation included


Delivery cost included


Made in



8'8" x 6'5"- (5.18 m2), 8'8" x 8'5"- (6.85 m2), 8'8" x 10'6"- (8.52 m2), 8'8" x 12'7"- (10.2 m2), 8'8" x 14ft- (11.86 m2), 8'8" x 16'8"- (13.48 m2), 8'8" x 18ft- (15.2 m2), 8'8" x 20'10"- (16.82 m2), 8'8" x Ex TENSION 8'3"- (6.68 m2)