Telluria Elegance Garage


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The Telluria Elegance Garage

A dependable, affordable and rapidly installed garage. One that is quick and easy to construct without having to use heavy tools and machinery. One with a modern look and that’s been made with the environment in mind and you don’t have to worry about the maintenance because the durable materials make it unnecessary.

Telluria makes all of this a reality: Style, Strength and Security for your car.


The ventilation grille ensures that the room is sufficiently ventilated so that any exhaust fumes or other disturbing odours can easily


The garage is equipped with a drainpipe


The window provided in the garage has double glazing and brings some light into


Available in White, light grey, and anthracite.

Garage door

The electric door ensures ideal ease of use on both departure and arrival. The motor is equipped with LED lights so you never


The roof of the garage is equipped with insulated steel sandwich panels. The free space between the inside and outside wall

Elegant and strong in its simplicity. That’s the Elegance Garage. Whether your garden style is traditional or modern, this robust and timeless garden unit looks lovely everywhere and comes in different sizes and colour combinations. It is made from high-quality steel and requires no maintenance. The perfect spot to keep your equipment safe from the rain. There is no solution more elegant!

Why Choose Telluria?

Strong and Durable 

The galvanised supporting structure guarantees longevity. Steel is the material of the future.

Quick and Easy Assembly

The system is made up of prefabricated components that are easy to assemble. Installation videos and instructions available at

No Maintenance

Do it the easy way with an Elegance garden building. A steel construction requires less maintenance than a timber one. Touching up the paintwork is superfluous as the garden building always looks as good as new


Telluria buildings arrive with components manufactured to the correct specification and size, ensuring a speedy and safe construction method with no cutting required. The lightweight structure reduces the need for heavy lifting.

Contemporary Look and Feel 

TELLURIA offers a range of finish options for a contemporary, functional look & feel that dovetails effortlessly with most building styles and settings.

Low Ecological Footprint

The buildings are 100% recyclable and can be re-used. Being lightweight in construction, Telluria can be transported very efficiently. The buildings are supplied in kit format. Accordingly, there is no waste or surplus consumption of energy, water or other resources.

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Galvanised Steel

Measurements Metric

260 x 408, 265 x 568, 265 x 388

Estimated Delivery

2 Weeks

Guarantee Length

20 Years

Installation included


Delivery cost included



13×10, 18×12, 12×18

Colour Finish