EWELL Greenhouse Ultimate Package With Aluminium Bar Capping


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Ewell Greenhouse

Most greenhouses in victorian times would sit onto a dwarf wall like this Ewell model. the Victorians weren’t daft. They knew that the wall would make the greenhouse look better, store the heat of the day in the bricks and hide clutter that doesn’t need to be seen.

The central position of the side door inside the porch makes your greenhouse a wonderful victorian feature in the garden but it also naturally divides your greenhouse. Some customers like to have a sitting area at one end of the greenhouse and a growing area at the other.

All Alton greenhouses are treated in the factory with a clear, spirit based protective treatment. This enables the cedar to mellow down to its silvery grey colour in an even manner over the first year or so of its life. Customers who want to preserve the original cedar colour often add a further treatment before assembly such as an osma oil, however Cedar is used for greenhouses because of its natural rot resistant properties which means that in practice, constant re-treatment is not essential for a long lifespan. Your ten year guarantee covers you against rot even if you never treat it (although you must clean it once a year to remove algae and moss etc)

A: Base Width 2255 mm (7ft4)
B: Length 2566 mm (8ft5) to 8871 mm (29ft1)
C: Eaves Height 1708 mm (5ft7)
D: Ridge Height 2695 mm (8ft10)
E: Door Width 719 mm (2ft4)
F: Door height 2012 mm (6ft7)

Dwarf wall model
Toughened glass
Free 10 Year Guarantee
2 x Louvre vents
4 x Louvre vents
Downpipes both sides
High eaves
Hinged single door
Extremely strong Cedar framework
Installation available for a fee.

* The Ultimate Package includes an upgrade to aluminium bar capping from the standard cedar capping, aluminium shelving and staging in moss green to length, down one side.

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Cedar Wood

Measurements Metric

2259mm x 2586mm to 2259mm x 6347mm, 2259mm x 2586mm, 2259mm x 3827mm, 2259mm x 5087mm, 2259mm x 6347mm, 2259mm x 2520mm

Measurements Imperial

7'5" x 8'5" to 7'5" x 20'10", 7'5" x 8'5", 7'5" x 12'5", 7'5" x 16'8", 7'5" x 20'10", 7'5" x Ex TENSION 8'3"

Estimated Delivery

4 weeks

Guarantee Length

10 Years

Installation included


Delivery cost included


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7'5" x 8'5"- (5.77 m2), 7'5" x 12'5"- (8.13 m2), 7'5" x 16'8"- (10.53 m2), 7'5" x 20'10"- (12.92 m2), 7'5" x Ex TENSION 8'3"- (4.8 m2)