SIX-LT Greenhouse Ultimate Package With Aluminium Bar Capping



The Alton Evolution Six-LT 6’5″


The 6ft 5 inch deep Alton Evolution Lean-to is ideal if you have a nice wall against which to site your greenhouse.

The properties of a lean-to greenhouse were well used and exploited by the Victorians, who often built greenhouses in the Lean-to style. The rear wall acts as a heat sink or a storage heater – storing the heat of the day up and releasing it at night. Consequently, the greenhouse does not get as warm in the day and cools down more slowly at night.

As with all Alton Evolution models, this Lean-to includes automatic roof vents and louvre(s) plus a generous eaves height and sliding single door with low level threshold.

The toughened safety glass is held in with cedar bar capping as standard, and you can also upgrade to the Powder coated aluminium capping system. The moss colour looks good when the greenhouse is new, but blends in even more so as the greenhouses fades to its natural silvery grey colour.

Did you also know that we factory treat these Alton greenhouses with an oil based wood preservative. Its completely clear so it doesn’t alter the colour or look of the wood, but it does reduce staining dramatically as water doesn’t soak into the cedar so readily.

Toughened glass
Sliding door
Free 10 Year Guarantee
Red Cedar Frame
Low level threshold
Gutter and a single down pipe
Screw in cedar bar capping system
Extremely strong Cedar framework
Installation available for a fee
Delivery in 3 – 4 weeks
Delay delivery for up to 12 months. Only a 25% deposit required today.

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dimensions logo
A = 1960mm (5’6″)

B = From 1346mm to an unlimted length

C = 1700mm (5’6″)

D = 2700mm (7’5″)

E = 560mm (2′)

F = 1890mm (6’2″)

Western red cedar
We select only the best Western Red Cedar, supplied from renewable sources as it’s the ideal material for use in our greenhouses. Noted for its extraordinary durability, it doesn’t shrink, swell or warp excessively, and readily holds wood stains and micro-porous paints. It has prime insulating qualities and its pleasant aroma is naturally repellent to moths, insects and vermin.

finest-materialsAll of our unpainted greenhouses are factory-treated by total immersion in our Golden Honey cedar preservative prior to delivery which renders it virtually immune to decay, while our painted greenhouse options look stylish in any outdoor setting and are protected with micro porous paint.

If you wish to maintain the original warm, golden honey colour, we recommend you re-treat your frame annually. If not, the wood will gradually fade to its attractive natural appearance – varying from almost pure white of the narrow sapwood to the light straw shade of the heartwood. This will not affect your 10 year framework guarantee.

on average
Up to

Other features and options
Mortice joint
Mortice and tenon joints.The Cleverly designed jointing system on the Evolution has the duel benefit of making assembly straight forward and adding strength to the framework.

Aluminium base – This keeps the wood well away from the base where water can sit. Plus this unique design feature allows the glass to sit directly onto the metal base – which means that the side water is not running onto the wood, (which is a ‘rot-spot’ on other greenhouses) The Metal base is included on every Evolution model, regardless of which kind of capping you choose.

gutters and downpipes
Guttering Takes the water away and allows you to collect it. Included on every model regardless of which kind of capping you choose.

Door theshold
Roof vents. A generous allocation of roof vents is included with every model and every roof vent has an automatic opener included as standard. These clever devices work through heat expansion alone to open your roof vents gradually as the temperature changes. Fully adjustable, they help you to create the perfect growing environment.

Louvres Your new Alton Evolution model will also include one or more louvre windows. These work in tandem with your roof vents – as the automatic roof vents open and release the warm air, the greenhouse effectively sucks air in through the louvres. These can be positioned near the bottom or the top and on most models at the side of the greenhouse or at the rear. Supplied as manual opening as standard and you can add automatic louvre openers if you wish.

Door theshold
The unique Alton Evolution door system includes the low-profile door threshold. This popular feature means that you have no step at the door (many other greenhouses have a step at the door). Models of 8′ wide and above have 4′ wide access double doors which allow easy entrance for a wheelbarrow or wheelchair.

Aluminium bar cappingCurrent image
Upgrade option Aluminium bar capping – With this new Aluminium bar capping system you really can have a virtually maintenance free Cedar greenhouse – and the stylish moss colour blends in perfectly with the cedar as it ages to the distinctive silvery colour.

Door theshold
The eaves height of 5’7″ on the Alton Evolution models is excellent and is as much as 18″ higher than the lowest greenhouses on the market. The extra height gives you several advantages: There is more air in the greenhouse creating a better growing environment, you have more head room and a higher door, and you have plenty of room for a high level shelf in the greenhouse.

* The Ultimate Package includes an upgrade to aluminium bar capping from the standard cedar capping, aluminium shelving and staging in moss green to length, down one side.

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Cedar Wood

Measurements Metric

1960mm x 1346mm to 1960mm x 3866mm, 1960mm x 1346mm, 1960mm x 1977mm, 1960mm x 2606mm, 1960mm x 3236mm, 1960mm x 3866mm, 1960mm x 2520mm

Measurements Imperial

6'6" x 4'5" to 6'6" x 12'9", 6'6" x 4'5", 6'6" x 6'6", 6'6" x 8'6", 6'6" x 10'7", 6'6" x 12'9", 6'6" x Ex TENSION 8'3"

Estimated Delivery

4 weeks

Guarantee Length

10 Years

Installation included


Delivery cost included


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6'6" x 4'5"- (2.64 m2), 6'6" x 6'6"- (3.87 m2), 6'6" x 8'6"- (5.11 m2), 6'6" x 10'7"- (6.34 m2), 6'6" x 12'9"- (7.58 m2), 6'6" x Ex TENSION 8'3"- (4.94 m2)